After the Storm (2001)

Film: After the Storm
Release: 2001, Television
Starring: Armand Assante, Mili Avital, Benjamin Bratt
Directed by: Guy Ferland
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Description: When a luxury yacht goes down outside the coast of Binimi, the race is on for the treasures within

Hans' thoughts:

This movie is based on a short story by the award winning author, Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway was the creator of the so-called Iceberg style, a writing style in which you only get the visual representation. Like a floating camera in the room, you never get to see or hear a characters thoughts. This movie follows that type of narrative, unfortunately it just doesn't do it very well.

Let's start with the feel of the movie. The movie is very slow, making the audience put effort into not falling asleep. I'm thinking it was supposed to feel like a person would on a hot day, the story taking place in a tropic klima. This could have worked with a stronger cast. While Armand Assante did a very good job at portraying Jean Pierre, every other actor just sort of waddled through the movie. Benjamin Bratt for whatever reason choosing to channel Dirty Harry in his performance. None of the other actors do a much better job, as it felt like I was watching a school play. The actors having quickly rehearsed their lines before coming to stage.

As for the look of the movie, this is it's strong point. You get the sense of suspense from when the shark is around in the sunken ship. A dark place where everything is very cramped and claustrophobic. But that's really the only points I can give it.

Unless you really love this story beforehand, I recommend giving this movie a pass.
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