There might be some things our readers want addressed, therefore this page is for those answers. You can always ask in the comments on each article but here are some questions that generally come up on pages like this, Questions are Q and Answers are A:

Q: Almost all the reviews starts with the headline "Hans' thoughts", why?
Kaiser Critics is a joint effort by two best friends, Hans & Miki. Originally the concept was that each would give their own thoughts on a given movie in each article - real life happened though (as it tends to do) and most of the work Miki does on the site now consists of behind-the-scenes stuff like editing. You will still find the occasional article written entirely by Miki though, which is why the headline stuck.

Q: Why no rating system?
A: While rating systems certainly seem reliable for other sites, there are no official international criteria set in stone for what is and isn't worth a certain amount of points. Therefore the articles will try as hard as possible to convey the same system through text alone.

Q: You review a lot of old movies on this site
A: Well, yes. We're not a funded organization, nor are we invited to critic-showings. Therefore we have to pay for theatre tickets out of our own pockets. To keep the site updated with new content on a frequent basis, we also do old movies.

Q: You gave X and Y a positive/negative review when the general consensus is that they're good/bad. Why?
A: No disrespect meant towards other critics intended at all, the articles are just very much based on impressions. It's more of a gut-feeling thing like if you asked a friend or family member what they thought of a movie they just saw - with a bit more depth of course.

Q: What's with the cat?
A: The cat's name is Kaiser, he's a male mix-breed with countryside roots. The site is named after him - He's our mascot.

Q: Can I contact you?
Throw all your concerns in an e-mail at hanskjoelsen@gmail.com and please write "Kaiser Critics" in the subject box so I know what it's about.
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