With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story (2010)

Film: With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story
Release: 2010, Television
Starring: Stan Lee, Joe Simon, Joan Lee
Directed by: Terry Dougas, Will Hess, Nikki Frakes
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Description: A biographic documentary on one of the most iconic writers in comic book history, Stan Lee.

Hans' thoughts:

Stan Lee is one of the few comic book writers that even non-fans has heard about, they may not be aware of all he's created but they know that he's the guy always doing a cameo in Marvel movies, to my friends and I, spotting Stan has become a little game of ours. This is a nice little documentary that gives us some insight into the life of a creator of icons. However, the film seems to spotlight only the good things, while the darker sides such as the Jack Kirby lawsuit has been left out. The ones being interviewed in the movie also has varying levels of relevance. You have Stan and his family, some big name editors, but then for whatever reason they have chosen to bring in almost every single actor that had protrayed a Marvel comics character on the big screen, this distraction made me sometimes rewind the movie because I would miss all the important stuff. This movie also speeds through the major events, seemingly in a hurry to get to the creation of The Fantastic Four, his first major success. All in all, while the movie did inform, it just did it's job poorly. This could honestly have been done so much better, even for a television feature. Stan Lee deserves so much better. Nerds only.
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