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So I've been thinking that introductions are in order for each of us, so consider this short post a description of me and my tastes.

As you may have noticed, my name is Hans. I'm a opinionated guy from the outskirts of Copenhagen - the capitol of Denmark. My interests lay firmly in entertainment; mostly comic books and video games but I also hold movies in very high regard. At the time of writing I am in my early twenties and the flatmate of Miki, the other guy on this site and my best friend. We also live with my cat, Kaiser Vilheilm, he's black and we named this site after him. When I'm not going on about movies here, I'm being sarcastic about almost anything else on my blog and in my webcomic.

The cat we named the site after
Right, my tastes. I am very big on animation in general but especially Japanese. I really feel that while America used to be the crème de la crème when it comes to TV animation, lately it has come down to a few but strong shows that drowns in a very big pit of garbage. There, Japan just have a clear advantage: Of course they have their fair share of garbage too though. When it comes to live-action I have a love for the period piece/crime genre, stuff like The Godfather or The Untouchables. I also watch every comic book adaptation I can get my hands on, seeing as the quality has risen exponentially in recent years; I am still looking for a video game movie on those levels though. My favorite trilogy of all time is the Back to the Future trilogy - time travel is a subject manner that really intrigues me which is also why Doctor Who has become one of my favorite television shows.

Overall, I usually look for a mixture of jokes and action. I can get tired of watching straight up dramas or straight up comedies really quickly. That said, my favourite comedy is Who Framed Roger Rabbit and my favourite drama is Eyes Wide Shut.

So how about my credentials? Why should you listen to me? Well. I've been a critic in radio, working there for about a year in connection with educational purposes. I've also been an intern on a mainstream movieset, working as a runner for one and a half month. Other than that I have dabbled in movie making, especially animation, since I was 12. I am also well-versed in the historical knowledge aspect of my love for medium. I would also wager that I have seen a wider array of movies from all eras than most people. I am far more than casually aqainted with movies.

I hope this article has shed some light on who I am, and that you will read our movie reviews.

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