Saboteur (1942)

Movie: Saboteur
Release: 1942, theatrical
Starring: Priscilla Lane, Robert Cummings
Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock
Description: An innocent young man is framed of a horrible crime and must traverse the country to find the origin of his problems.

Hans' thoughts:

This is a BIG movie. It has loads of characters, locations, events.. It's just big. The movie starts of simple enough, but every time you think you have something pinned down it throws something at you. That's how I experienced it at least, it was pretty easy to see where the movie was going ultimately, well at least somewhat, but even so I was still surprised by some of twists in this movie (none of which I want to spoil of course!). This is one of those "The journey beats the destination" movies, because the middle part of the movie was definitely the part I enjoyed the most. In my mind I set it as a adventure flick with suspenseful moments, a sort of darker but still light-hearted cousin to the later Indiana Jones flicks and Flash Gordon serial. Although only darker in the sense of the subject manner, this was during World War II after all, and this movie must've hit hard with the masses of the day. I however enjoy it as an adventure with many colourful characters.
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