Domain Change Announcement and other general info

So, sorry for being so much under the radar lately. I have been busy with keeping up with updates on Ankford Plays as you very well may be aware I update the channel daily and that has not left a lot of time for updates on any of my other stuff, particularly here. That also means that I just simply cannot justify keeping the http://kaisercritics.com domain alive for the asking price and that means by the 27th of September we will be reverting back to the original http://kaisercritics.blogspot.com domain. All in all, I just have not had the opportunity nor the motivation to work on this blog at all - I'm very sorry but it's just me here now, Mike having left the project way back in April of last year. If you guys are at all curious about what's going with me you can subscribe to the previously mentioned Youtube channel or follow my Tumblr. Hopefully I'll go back to having time to update this page sooner rather than later though and I'll be sure to notify you guys there once I do.

- Hans
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