The Cable Guy (1996)

Film: The Cable Guy
Release: June 14, 1996
Starring: Jim Carrey, Matthew Broderick, Leslie Mann
Directed by: Ben Stiller
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Description: When the ordinary Steven has cable TV set up in his apartment, he befriends the cable guy, but he might be in for a little more than what he asked for.

Miki's thoughts:

Prepare to watch Jim Carrey in a role as extreme as in his other 90's movies, but ultimately a LOT creepier.

When the ordinary office worker Steven (played by Matthew Broderick) is getting cable TV set up, he enters a friendship that will change his life for better - or for worse. There is no inbetween. Jim Carrey shows his usual brilliance as a master of expressions, using his rubber face to play another whacky character, but something is definitely off here.

It quickly goes downhill for Steven, as what begins as a casual friendship with a well-meaning fun-loving advice-giving guy who just wants a new friend, dangerously turns his life around. In the cable guy's own words: "I can be your best friend... or your worst enemy". I will not tell you any more about the plot, as you should definitely check out this movie to experience Jim Carrey take his wild, comedic acting to a whole new level in The Cable Guy.

I have the feeling that when Matthew Broderick grew up from being known as the chaotic Ferris Bueller, his adult roles were mostly comprised of slightly boring everyman characters, like his character in Deck the Halls  opposite Danny Devito. Steven here is no exception, working an office job and generally being quite bland, but I guess it's the polarization with Jim Carrey's character that is the catalyst of the plot. Generally, his role is to react to the cable guy's actions as any 'normal' individual would.

Jack Black has a small, but to me interesting role, especially because he is one of the most sensible characters in the movie. He, as well as the audience, knows that something is terribly wrong.

Cable guy was directed by Ben Stiller, and he himself has a very clever cameo as not one, but two characters, and their subplot is sort of connected to what is happening between Steven and the cable guy.
All in all, it is difficult to describe this movie, so I would suggest that you watch it, and perhaps I will have a more in-depth review of it in a video sometime. But it is definitely worth watching. The 5.9 rating on IMDB is mainly due to people reacting badly to Carrey's much darker performance. It is dark, but hilarious.
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