Ghost Rider (2007)

Film: Ghost Rider
Release: 2007, theatrical
Starring: Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, James Fonda
Directed by: Mark Steven Johnson
Alternate versions: Theatrical/Extended
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Description: The young stunt biker Johnny Blaze, makes a deal with a stranger when he finds out his father may be dying of cancer.

Hans' thoughts:

This is one of those "notorious" superhero movies. One that got a really bad rap when it came out and was then completely forgotten shartly thereafter. Personally, I've found myself enjoying this movie in spite of it's many faults. Nicolas Cage is the main reason for that. He's one of those actors that seems like he'll take any acting job he can and he always does his best. This has of course resulted in him being in some very infamous movies, and critics are never really that kind to the guy. To me it's apparent that he does his job and he does it well, but he'll probably not be an actor that goes down in history and will be remembered as more as a fan favorite. The other actors also seem like they really do what they can with what they've been given - except for James Fonda who kinda seems.. bored. I guess he had hoped for an action scene.The delivery of some lines is also very awkward to say the least, here I'm especially noticing the actor playing the character Blackheart - Wes Bentley. Visually, this movie has some really great moments, a star example when Mephistopheles meets Young Johnny Blaze in the fair tent for the first time, a thunderstorm has a lightning strike that lits up the tent and the shadow of Mephistopheles is a crooked demonic figure. The special effects around the title character are the best of the movie, taking cues from 80 Heavy Metal culture like the comic book version most likely did. There are also some plotholes here and there, at some point in the movie the main character rides through the desert as the Ghost Rider and it is a visually awesome scene, however next we see him he has for unexplained reasons changed back into human form. It slows down the movie and seems awkward and I suspect this was not in the theatrical version of the film. All in all, I enjoyed this movie. It does however, has a lot of flaws. If you can look past the plethora of flaws there should at the very least be idle entertainment for even non-comic book fans.
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