Flushed Away (2006)

Film: Flushed Away
Release: 2006, theatrical
Starring: Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Ian McKellen
Directed by: David Bowers, Sam Fell
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Description: The upper-class pet rat Roddy St. John is celebrating alone time in his Kensington home when a sewer rat appears and ends up flushing him down the toilet. Roddy is transported to a rat-sized replica of London and a lot of problems he didn't ask for.

Hans' thoughts:

This movie was, surprisingly good. I have to admit that while I know quite well that Aardman has so far only does quality movies I have become somewhat weary of the Dreamworks logo. My weariness was unfounded though, as the is one of the funniest animated features I've seen in a while. It is filled to the brim with spectacular slap-stick and it even manages to throw some jokes in for the adult audiences. Hugh Jackman was to me, completely unrecognizable as the main character. He really changed his voice for this one and I had to remind myself that "Oh right, this is Hugh Jackman!". They do however, throw a nice little nod to his role as Wolverine in the opening credits of the movie. This movie is actually filled with a lot of references, even some that I doubt the kids will understand. Though I think they do let on to thick with the nods to adults some of the times. An example of this is two of the henchmen in the movie yelling "To the Rat mobile!" followed by an old timey screen transition in the style of the 60's Batman tv-show. Some of the jokes are also pretty dirty, such as the main villain wanting to repopulate the city with.. Well. You'll see when you watch the movie. This is definitely a strong kids movie and it's even entertaining for adults.

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