Titan A.E (2000)

Film: Titan A.E.
Release: 2000, Theatrical
Starring: Matt Damon, Bill Pullman, Drew Barrymore
Directed by: Don Bluth, Gary Goldman
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Description: After the destruction of Earth by the Drej-empire, humanity's last hope is a map hidden in the genetic code of a young man who wants nothing to do with it.

Hans' thoughts:

I honestly have a hard time deciding whether I liked this movie. While the story is certainly good, somewhat lifted from the biblical tale of Noah's ark, it suffers greatly from lack of padding. This could have been saved by either cutting the intro sequence or splitting the story into more than one movie. Instead what we have is a movie with a lot of interesting concepts, beautiful visuals but characters that are just kinda, there. Here's an example of what I mean, the main character is supposed to have been brought up by an alien character. This character is in the intro sequence, but by the end of the first 15 minutes of the movie the character is completely gone. Never to be mentioned or heard from again. We're supposed to believe that the main character has some sort of established relationship with the alien, but we never see the alien actually do something remarkable at all. It just kinda leaves the movie. Visually, the movie is very pretty. Don Bluth movies are almost always stunning animation-vise. Unfortunately the 3D graphics are kind of hit and miss. Some times they look absolutely stunning, unfortunately most of time it's just kind of distracting, if it doesn't outright ruin the picture. This isn't however a case of me being spoiled by modern technology, but more the fact that the movie is plastered with 3D effects even when it doesn't need them. So should you watch this movie? Well, it depends. It's a curious little piece that's very typical of it's era, around this time Disney movies such as Treasure Planet and Atlantis: The Lost Empire came out. If you like this kind of high adventure science fiction there may be something for you here, just don't expect a masterpiece as this movie falls just short of being good and ends up kind of bland.
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