Lego Batman the movie: DC Super Heroes Unite (2013)

Film: Lego Batman The Movie: DC Super Heroes Unite
Release: 2013, video
Starring: Troy Baker, Clancy Brown, Travis Willingham
Directed by: Jon Burton
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Description: Lex Luthor frees The Joker from Arkham Asylum in order to win the presidential election with his Joker gas

Hans' thoughts:

This a movie version of the storyline from the video game Lego Batman 2, which is why some of the scenes in it is quite sudden. As for the style of the movie, it's actually a very nice little mix between the 90's Batman cartoons by Bruce Timm with a bit of the classic 60's TV-show thrown in. As I'm an adult, I have a small problem giving this a fair review so I watched along with my 5 year old nephew. He absolutely adored it. I'll also have to compliment the animation, it is surprisingly well done compared to other direct-to-video 3D movies. The humor is well.. hit and miss. The highpoints are definitely the physical comedy, as even to my nephew the one-liners didn't really get much of an reaction. Some of the characters are also shoe-horned in at the end, probably to be able to rightfully have them in the videogame as playable characters (The Flash, Cyborg, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern are all in this, but they get maybe 25 lines combined). A lot of the most popular Batman villains are also in this movie, but only Joker gets something significant to do while his Arkham co-inmates are quickly dealt with. They get even less screen dialogue than the heroes. Robin is the butt of a lot of the jokes in this movie, which to me is a shame because I know he had a lot to do in the video game version. To end the article, only buy this movie for your kids if they are into Lego Batman already, otherwise just rent it and pop it into a DVD player for a quite one and half hours. It isn't exactly high art, but my nephew loved it and has rewatched it a couple of times. Just don't expect Disney quality entertainment from it.

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