Tintin & The Lake of Sharks (1972)

Film: Tintin and The Lake of Sharks
Release: 1972, theatrical
Starring: Jacques Careuil, Georges Atlas, Jacques Balutin
Directed by: Raymond Leblanc
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Description: A sweep of forgeries is going through European museums, with the forgeries becoming more and more advanced. In Syldavia, Tintin and Haddock is getting ready to visit their friend Prof. Calculus who's been working on a secret project near a cursed lake.

PLEASE NOTE: While certain factors seem to point to there being an English release of this movie, I haven't actually been able to find any information about it.

Hans' thoughts:

The Adventures of Tintin is a very European comic book series, it doesn't have superheroes like American comics or giant robots like Japanese manga. As far as comics go, Tintin is very down to earth and somewhat realistic, somewhat. If you read the stories, you will get a pretty fair idea about the evolving mentality of 20th century Europe from 1929-1976. Tintin himself is a very one-note character, unlike his well-known friends he doesn't have much of a personality. He is heroic to the core, brave and a quick thinker. He is also friendly beyond belief. To me, Tintin is a "insert youself" character, as he most of the time just serves to react to the things that happen around him. Bouncing dialogue off of characters like the bumbling genius Calculus or the drunken short-fused Captain Haddock. This movie, overseen by the comic creator himself, serves to capture a lot of the elements of the comic book, it does however take some liberties. As an example, you will find a lot more science-fiction in this story than is common in the original comic book. You will also find some James Bond like elements in both the plot and Tintin himself. The voice acting - well I can only speak for the Danish soundtrack and it seems well-enough. Unfortunately it suffers from a lot of unnecessary echo, probably due to the sound quality of the era. Sadly, or maybe rather thankfully, the movie has never been re-dubbed.

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